Saturday, January 21, 2006

That was so lame. It took me an hour and a half to get there (should have been 45 minutes) because of traffic on the 110 (isn't it Saturday?), then I couldn't find the place because I didn't really know where it was, then, when I finally got there, I found out that they were having technical problems and the show wouldn't start for another hour. I walked around the neighborhood (Chinatown) and stared thru windows at people in cavernous Chinese restaurants. When the show finally began, there were about 250 people there to watch several big motorized machines lurch around belching flames and knocking each other over. Fifteen minutes later it was done. The nerds in coveralls and hardhats from SRL went around high-fiving each other while the LA hipster/art crowd clapped less-than-enthusiastically and dispersed. The exception was the odd hybrid sub-set of not-so-hip art nerds (no doubt Mythbusters fans) who were declaring it "crazy!" and "unbelievable!" as they crowded around the now idle machines. Doom indeed.


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